World Vision - Syria Response

World Vision's "Livelihoods Program" offers young people in Jordan various vocational trainings to improve their job opportunities.
Furthermore, the program
strengthens the social cohesion between the Syrian refugees and the Jordanian youth.


For this video, I shot in different cities in Jordan and interviewed the participants of the program.

German Jordanian University

The German Jordanian University (GJU) in Madaba (Jordan) offers a Dual Studies Track. In order to acquire more partnering companies for study program, I was commissioned to create this video.

My duties included the entire production of the video from conception, video shooting and post-production. I worked with my trusted Jordanian partners for the translation and transcription of the interviews.

World Vision - Syria Response

For "World Vision" and its partner organization "Orange" in Turkey, I created a total of four videos about a joint project that offers Syrian refugees in Turkey job opportunities and at the same time enhances the social cohesion between the refugees and the Turkish host cummunity.
For this project I traveled to Sanliurfa in Turkey for four shootings. In addition to the video recordings, I was responsible for post-production and also supported the conception of the videos.


For the Association of Direct Marketers Rhineland-Palatinate (VDRLP) I have produced four different videos. One of them is a promotional video for their initiative "Landmarkt".
My tasks included the entire production of recording, post-production and support in the conception of the videos.

Accor Hotels

For "Accor Hotels" I filmed a customer event in Frankfurt. Shooting and editing were in my hands.
I was asked for documentary style that would reflect the event in a reportage-like manner and above all capture the atmosphere of the evening.

Weingut Kissinger

For the winery "Kissinger" from Uelversheim I shot six different short videos which were used for an online live tasting.
My tasks included the complete production: consulting during the conception, shooting footage as well as video and sound editing.
Also the production of the live stream during the tasting was done by me.


spivo is a young start-up from Rheinhessen, Germany, offering a product for tennis players to improve their own topspin.
So far, I have produced more than a dozen videos for spivo: short advertising teasers for YouTube and other media, short image videos as well as several minutes of explanatory videos about the function and benefits of the product.

Amorella Kirsch Manufaktur

I created this image video for "Amorella Kirsch Manufaktur" in Mainz, Germany.
My tasks included the entire production of conception, video-shooting and post-production of the video.


For the "Weincrowd" I documented their customer event "Rebpaten-Treffen" on film and with photos.